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easyinsurance provided the best advice and guidance to help us get the right insurance plan and proved to be the trusted platform we had been looking for. We would recommend their service to all.

Mustafa & Suniya

Owners - Mauqa.Online open_in_new

easyinsurance made the process of selecting the right policy very smooth. I always wanted to get life insurance but somehow dealing with agents and their non-stop follow up calls wasn’t my cup of tea. easyinsurance helped me make the right decision.

Murtaza Zaidi

CEO - CyberVision open_in_new

We needed health insurance for our team members but we didn't want to go through the hassles associated with the process. easyinsurance got us the best, customized quotes and connected us to credible companies.

Farrukh Malik

CEO - Discretelogix open_in_new

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Still unsure about how insurance works? Get a complete tour to understand what insurance is, its benefits and how to get yourself insured.

Insurance makes sure that you are financially covered to deal with unforseen hard times


Insurance is not just a risk-mitigation tool, but a smart way to save and plan your future

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Unsure if insurance is in line with your religious beliefs? Look into the world of Takaful - an Islamic model of Insurance - and find shariah-compliant insurance.

Companies can have separate Takaful operations which comply with Islamic jurisdiction


Takaful operators can only invest their funds in areas permited by the Shariah Board

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